There’s no better advice I can give those of you planning a wedding than when the day finally comes around, just be in the moment. Let it all go. Just let yourself be there and experience all of the big and tiny amazing moments that make up your wedding day. I can’t help but look at Kristan and Brandon’s wedding photos and be so in awe of how present they were. It’s beautiful and I’m so happy for them. Not only because their photos turned out beautifully because of this (which they did!!) but because of how happy the day must have been for them. What a beautiful treasure to gift yourself. We love you both very much and we admire you! Thank you, thank you for sharing your amazing energy and your wedding day with us!!! <30001-wedgewood san clemente0002-wedgewood san clemente0003-wedgewood san clemente0004-wedgewood san clemente0005-wedgewood san clemente0006-wedgewood san clemente0007-wedgewood san clemente0008-wedgewood san clemente0009-wedgewood san clemente0010-wedgewood san clemente0011-wedgewood san clemente0012-wedgewood san clemente0013-wedgewood san clemente0014-wedgewood san clemente0015-wedgewood san clemente0016-wedgewood san clemente0017-wedgewood san clemente0018-wedgewood san clemente0019-wedgewood san clemente0020-wedgewood san clemente0021-wedgewood san clemente0022-wedgewood san clemente0023-wedgewood san clemente0024-wedgewood san clemente0025-wedgewood san clemente0026-wedgewood san clemente0027-wedgewood san clemente0028-wedgewood san clemente0029-wedgewood san clemente0030-wedgewood san clemente0031-wedgewood san clemente0032-wedgewood san clemente0033-wedgewood san clemente0034-wedgewood san clemente