They were lost in each other. It was like nothing existed except that dance floor beneath their feet. Still holding on to each other as they spun apart, their momentum bringing them back in together. The sun was slowly yet steadily going down beyond the mountains in the distance as they mouthed the words to each other. And I swear in those moments it felt like time was stopping and there was nothing else in the world or in their hearts. It was one of those times when you know you are witnessing something so much bigger than yourself. Laura and Blaine have this connection that you can actually feel in the space around them when they are present with each other. It is truly one of the most incredible things I’ve witnessed.

They made their marriage vows privately and publicly. And the energy of the reception that followed was relaxed, and easy, and fun. They went all out on food and drinks. Guests played lawn games while the kids ran around blowing bubbles that drifted up and away over the open expanse of Valley Center into the warm evening. Chandeliers hanging from the trees twinkled to life as the sun dipped below the horizon and dancing and laughter hung in the air. And everything felt like magic.