Since we’ve got a ton of inside knowledge on how wedding days really go down, we thought we’d share some tips with you for each part of the actual wedding day to help yours run really smoothly. This week we’re talking about the “Getting Ready” portion of the day:

-Keep the dressing room as tidy as possible. Hide bags and clutter in the hotel or dressing room closet. Do a sweep of empty water bottles and other junk so it doesn’t show up in your getting ready photos.

-If you have items you’d like your photographer to photograph, have them set out for them when they arrive. In addition to the wedding dress, we commonly photograph the bride’s shoes, garter, bouquet, and jewelry.

-If you don’t plan to use a special hanger for your wedding dress, bring a nice wooden or silk one as opposed to the plastic one from the store. It will look much better in your dress’ photo shoot.

-Let your hair and make up artist know when you have to be done so they can figure out what time they ought to begin their services. I always suggest leaving a buffer time in between the “make up is done by” time and when the photographer needs you to be getting into your dress. Hair and makeup services often take longer than expected and while it’s true that the ceremony won’t start without the bride we’d hate for you to miss out on your pre-ceremony photos.

-If it’s important to you to have a family member, like your mother there with you when you put your dress on, let them know what time the photographer plans to do those photos so that they can be dressed and ready to go. We love getting photos of Moms watching or helping their daughter get ready. And moms always want to look their best for these shots.

-Relax and have fun! You’re about to get married!

Next week we’ll share tips for your ceremony. In the meantime, you can check out our work at: www.everlovephotography.com or contact Chelsea at [email protected] or at 619-354-2510 ext.1 to work on your wedding photography booking. We hope wedding planning is going really well for you so far and we’re excited to help you through the process!

-Team Ever Love